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Black Raspberry

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Black Raspberry

(ä-shwə-ˈgän-də) n.
1.The black raspberry, Rubus occidentalis, is also cultivated, providing both fresh and frozen fruit, as well as jams, preserves, and other products.
Synonyms: Other names occasionally used include wild black raspberry, black caps, black cap raspberry, thimbleberry, and scotch cap.

This fruit along with the leaf are used to make many different types of medicines. Ever since the 1900’s black raspberry juice has been extracted and used for many medicinal reasons.

(1) Studies suggest that the inhibitory activities found in these berries have a beneficial effect against oxidative stress and inflammatory processes (2). Black raspberries contain anthocyanins which has been shown to offer anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-cancer benefits.

(3) Research also suggests it may fend heart disease. Black Raspberries contain a range of phytochemicals which carry properties that are suggested to be an anti-oxidant, anti-cancer, and anti-neurodegenerative. (4) USDA scientists recommend people consume between 3000 and 50000 oxygen radical absorbance units each day to protect the body’s tissues and plasma. These oxygen radicals are found in nutritional super foods like these dark colored berries. Other benefits include:

  • Improving Motor and cognitive function
  • Cold Sores (5)
  • Obesity (6)
  • Improvement of cholesterol levels (7)

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