Complex natural formulas - working synergistically

Dealer Opportunities

Becoming a dealer for Real Nutrient Labs creates a rare opportunity. Our products are well-received, well-priced and we do the marketing to bring people to your store looking specifically for our supplements.

Retailers of vitamins, health foods and other supplements will enjoy a rare relationship with Real Nutrient Labs.


We have a well-educated and very well-trained marketing team on our staff to help you move our product from your shelves.

When you decide to stock one of Real Nutrient Labs’ product lines, we don’t just ship product to you and wish you well. We market to potential buyers in your geographic area to drive people to your store specifically to buy the product, and we pay for it! (Minimums apply.)

We offer training webinars and phone training events for your staff, to help your team become comfortable with our brand of multi-ingredient supplements.

We protect you with MAP pricing for our online resellers, so you’ll never be undersold by an online store.

Medical Centers

Medical professionals find our supplements to be a welcome addition to the services that they offer patients.


Gym owners may have interest in offering our bodybuilding and muscle building products to their members.

We have a special, high potency supplement that is formulated specifically for bodybuilders and professional athletes that may fit perfectly into your gym.

Online Resellers

Online retailers will love the support they get from our staff, including tips and advice from our team of certified digital marketing professionals.

Ask us about private labeling opportunities.