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Frequently asked questions about our supplements

Please remember that as a supplement company, the FDA regulates what we can and cannot say about our formulas. We cannot claim that our formulas will cure or improve any medical condition, regardless of the effectiveness of the supplement.
Q - If I take your Muscle Building Super Formula, what can I expect to happen?
A - Our Muscle Building Super Formula has been created to help you build muscle, recover faster after working out and playing sports, increase HGH as well as IGF-1 and IGF-2 in your system, increase VO2 max, endurance and athletic performance. (VO2 max is maximal oxygen uptake, a factor in determining an athlete’s capacity to perform sustained exercise and is linked to aerobic endurance.) So, you can expect to recover faster from your workouts, increase the amount you can lift more rapidly, build more muscle and increase your athletic endurance and stamina. The ingredients are all organic, natural and healthy, so you shouldn’t see any negative side effects. Like any good muscle building supplement, this formula works as hard as you do. If you work out or play sports you will see results, if you take it and sit on the couch eating bon bons you’ll won’t build muscle or get fit.
Q - Will your muscle building supplement help me lose weight?
A - This has been a happy side effect for many users of the Muscle Building Super Formula. Remember that taking the supplement boosts what you’re doing to help your body – it doesn’t do it for you. This supplement is deigned to be used as part of a fitness program. Typically, users tell us that they see belly fat reduced by 3 to 4% in the first month of use. As you build lean muscle mass, fat is more effectively burned and this likely contributes to the reduction in body fat.
Q - I am a 37 year old woman and I want to be toned and fit, but not build huge muscles. Will your muscle building supplement make me look like a guy?
A - This is a really common concern amongst women. We have many personal trainers in our network and they are asked this question by women very often. The truth is that women’s bodies are different than men’s bodies. A woman that works out hard will become very toned and muscular, but not muscular like a man. Women’s muscles are not typically going to “bulge.” Often, when you see a woman that has muscles like a bodybuilder she is using steroids (we NEVER recommend using steroids), or is spending her life in the gym to get in that kind of shape. Our formula is all-natural and will work with your body to reach your goals. You can have a fit, toned body without “bulging” muscles.
Q - I’ve heard that deer antler velvet supplements are not terribly effective – doesn’t your muscle formula have deer antler in it?
A - Our Muscle Building Super Formula does contain deer antler velvet as one of its ingredients. Through research we have found that all too often, antler supplements have been oversold and results under delivered. The biologist on our team who formulates our supplements uses only the top one inch of the antler, which is where the majority of the nutrients and growth factors are. He also only uses the antler that is humanely harvested in the velvet stage, where it is rich with bio-identical nutrients. This substantially enhances the effectiveness. Many antler supplements use the entire antler for cost savings or used calcified antlers (again for cost savings) and they are not nearly as effective. Many companies boast that they use 4 pounds of antler to create one pound of extract. We use 75 pounds of antler tips to create every pound of the extract that goes into our formula. A quick way to determine the potential effectiveness of any antler supplement is to look at the color. Antler extract is dark. If you are looking at a light-colored supplement, it contains very little antler, regardless of what the label claims. Be sure that no artificial coloring is added to the supplement to make it appear dark. Another fact that many people do not know is that stomach acid destroys the active ingredient in deer antler, so capsules cannot possibly be effective. That’s why our formulas are taken sublingually, so that the nutrients make it into your system and get straight to work. Each of our supplements are formulated in therapeutic doses, meaning you’re going to get enough active ingredients in each dose to get results. Our Muscle Building Super Formula has a growth matrix of 5500 mg. It is a rich, dark brown color and it is very effective in helping your body build muscle and recover from strenuous workouts, sports and injuries. It works so well that we offer a full money back guarantee.
Q - Does your muscle building formula help with recovery from injuries?
A - Absolutely. Three of our ingredients (certified six-hour colostrum, macuna pruriens and deer antler velvet) are all very well known for helping the body recover from injuries. One user shared a story with us that he had an extreme case of Achilles tendinitis and that he was in pain and limping for months. He was kept out of the gym by his injury. A friend shared our Muscle Building Super Formula with him and within two weeks his pain was gone and he was back in the gym.
Q - Does your muscle building formula help increase stamina?
A - Yes. Whether you are a gym enthusiast, a golfer, runner, tennis player or professional athlete, you will see an increase in endurance and stamina. We have carefully created our formula to boost your endurance as you build muscle and improve your fitness. Even if you don’t work out, you will see an increase in endurance for simple daily activities.
Q - A friend takes your muscle building supplement and he said that his blood pressure has decreased, can this be true?
A - This can absolutely be true. The Muscle Building Super Formula contains tribulus. One of the many uses for tribulus is to lower blood pressure. We use it in the muscle building formula because it promotes large gains in strength and muscle building and increases VO2 max. (VO2 max is maximal oxygen uptake, a factor in determining an athlete’s capacity to perform sustained exercise and is linked to aerobic endurance.) We have seen decreases in blood pressure just like your friend has. Our president is in his late 50’s, he works out regularly and his blood pressure was nearly always 117/78. After one month of taking our Muscle Building Super Formula, his blood pressure is consistently 100/61. His doctor has been very happy to see him go from high normal to low normal. We can’t claim the formula will lower your blood pressure, but it has happened with others. If you have blood pressure concerns, it would be best to consult your physician.
Q - Will I gain weight if I take the muscle builder and don’t work out?
A - No. Our Muscle Building Super Formula is not like some other products that add weight to your body. Our formula is a mix of natural ingredients that complement your body and fitness without adding weight.
Q - I heard that your muscle builder can increase libido, is that true?
A - It is true. If you think about increasing muscle mass, you start to think about increasing testosterone. Tribulus and mucuna pruriens both increase testosterone. A byproduct of that increase in testosterone is an increase in libido.
Q - I see that your muscle builder increases testosterone. How does that affect me as a woman?
A - Women need testosterone too. When a woman has low testosterone, she may experience: fatigue and exhaustion, weight gain and have difficulty losing weight, a lowered interest in sex, mood swings, depression, anxiety, difficulty concentrating and possibly hair loss. Two of the ingredients in the Muscle Building Super Formula increase testosterone levels: mucuna pruriens and tribulus. Tribulus is often prescribed to woman to boost libido, enhance energy, offer mood support, and help protect the urinary tract. Mucuna pruriens are prescribed to women to increase the neurotransmitter dopamine, which plays a role in motivation, attention, memory, mood, relaxation, sexual desire and helps regulate sleep. Mucuna also helps the body produce HGH (human growth hormone) which is often referred to as the anti-aging hormone because it improves skin tone and texture. Our Muscle Building Super Formula has been created to help restore youthful hormone levels, and your body should be able to eliminate anything it doesn’t need in the formula.
Q - What time of day is best to take the muscle builder?
A - The packaging says to take it before bedtime. Most people will sleep better after taking it, but a small percentage of people find that it gives them an immediate energy boost and keeps them from sleeping. If you are one of those people, simply switch to taking it in the morning. It is active in your system for 24 hours, so as long as you take it daily, you will see the results you desire.
Q - Is there an age limit for taking your muscle supplement?
A - The supplement works well for people of all ages. Some people believe that younger boys – under 18 years of age – have enough testosterone and may not need the increase. There are high school-aged athletes taking the supplement at the request of their parents. This is a question best left to parents and the youth’s personal physician.
Q - Are there side effects to your muscle building supplement or are there people that shouldn’t take it?
A - These are all-natural ingredients and the side effects are nearly non-existent. There are people that should not take the Muscle Building Super Formula. Pregnant women, women who may become pregnant, or those that are breast feeding should not take any supplement containing macuna pruriens as it may reduce prolactin that is needed for lactation and reproductive function. Those suffering with schizophrenia, manic depression and other mental illness characterized by fluctuating levels of dopamine should consult a physician before taking the formula. Those taking MAO inhibitors should consult a physician before taking Muscle Building Super Formula. Anyone taking diabetes medication, heart medication, or suffering from low blood pressure should consult a physician before taking this supplement. If you have questions about the safety of any supplement for your body or your condition, check with your physician.
Q - Can I take your muscle building supplement with other supplements?
A - Yes. Research has not shown any negative interaction with other natural supplements.